APIS MED d.o.o. is distinguished by 40 years of tradition and experience in professional beekeeping, including queen breeding. In 1990, we upgraded the beekeeping tradition with the foundation of the beekeeping company, so now we can share our tradition and experience with you.


The activities of our company are:

  • Retail of beekeeping equipment (including shipment by express mail)
  • Production of honey and other bee products (royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis) – we have approx. 150 beehives in different locations
  • Breeding of pure-breed Carniolan queen bees, controlled by the Slovenian Agricultural Institute, and retail of queen families
  • Woodworking (all types of beehives and other wooden beekeeping equipment)
  • Production of wax foundations from beeswax
  • Pouring decorative candles from beeswax
  • Production of candy for feeding bees
  • Injection moulding of plastic beekeeping equipment (queen cages, AŽ hangers, LR frame spacings, screws)
  • Technical and technological professional advice on beekeeping and queen breeding
  • Professional advice
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